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Our passion is to share quality product infused with nature of NZ with family and friends. You are our family and friends! We are blessed to grow up among the mud and bushes in New Zealand. Our dream is to breath in the beauty of NZ and return its goodness to you.  


We are committed in  working alongside a team of manufacturers who has 20 years of rich experience. Together we bring you the best of what the nature of NZ can offer.


We are 100% New Zealand owned and our ingredients are exclusively green harvest born in New Zealand.


We developed our own brand, Born, who produce our own product derived from the New Zealand best ingredients and manufactured in New Zealand.


We also source the best manufacturers and brands around New Zealand, from big cities to small town, looking at premium products to add to our range so the world can enjoy the best of New Zealand! Lots of products come with the goodness of generations pass down manufactures. We also source the best recipe!

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