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Close to Neutral pH?

The pH scale, spanning from 1 to 14, acts as a gauge of a solution's acidity or alkalinity. A neutral pH sits at 7, while pH levels below 7 denote acidity and those above 7 indicate alkalinity, commonly referred to as basicity.

Solutions with extremely high or low pH levels can pose hazards to human health through ingestion, inhalation, or skin contact, potentially causing severe burns. However, given the human body's nearly neutral pH level of approximately 7.4, exposure to neutral chemicals typically results in minimal risks beyond skin irritation.​


Despite this, individuals concerned about chemical exposure may still be wary when handling undiluted cleaning solutions. Moreover, these products carry the risk of corrosion and may emit toxic fumes, particularly when applied to metal surfaces.

Given the safety concerns of acidic and alkaline cleaners, pH-neutral cleaners emerge as a potentially optimal solution. Today, we understand that neutral pH cleaners are less likely to pose health risks or damage surfaces, making them safer for both users and the environment.

Despite the safety advantages of neutral formulations, there's a common perception that their cleaning efficacy falls short compared to caustic and acidic cleaners.

Nevertheless, Born Advance Mould Removal products, coupled with the enhanced formulation, PurideTM, demonstrate remarkable effectiveness.

This highly concentrated, close-to-pH-neutral solution swiftly removes moulds, offering gentle yet potent cleaning without resorting to harsh chemicals.

Meet The Products

     Biodegradable           Made in NZ             Non Caustic             Cruelty/GE Free               Septic Tank Safe  

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