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"I agree this product is amazing. Had a bamboo tray over the bath which had quite a bit of mould on it. I tried the Silicone and advance mould removal and it looks as good as new - Love it - Just ordered some more online for the batch! ."


More testimonials on our Facebook page: @Mouldfreehome (Born In New Zealand)

500ml - BORN Adv Silicone,Grout & Rubber Mould Removal (From $9.99-$54.99)

  • BORN Advance Silicone,Grout & Rubber Mould Removal removes stubborn mould & germs. Simply, spray, wait and watch the mould disappear! This is a safe and super fast way to get rid of the mould that resides in your silicone. Yet it is biodegradable.

    It works on:

    • Bathroom Silicone
    • Tile Grout
    • Sink Surrounds
    • Refrigerator seal
    • Textured ceiling
    • Stubborn mould areas
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