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Play is a child’s work – and we love watching our littlies explore the world – but we know that sticky fingers get everywhere! Born In New Zealand’s non-toxic, irritant-free Toy & Nursery Spray is a gentle cleaner that is safe to use around your little one, and on the surfaces they touch.


  • You can gently, but effectively, clean the sticky messes they leave behind on toys, tables, the high chair and car seat, and virtually any other place that they can reach. This helps you keep your little one’s world as close as possible to how nature intended.


copy of BORN Toy and Nursery Spray 250ml

    • Spray on affected areas and wipe clean – no rinsing needed
    • For heavily soiled spots, allow the formula to sit for a few minutes before wiping
    • Reapply as needed


    Ingredients: aqua, organic pressed seed oils and blended organic surfactants

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