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Did you know…?

Many of the fruits and vegetables that we consume daily have been sprayed with fertilisers, pesticides and chemicals. Waxes are also used on some fruits to improve their appearance and shelf life.


  • Fruits and vegetables in water is often not enough to remove these potentially harmful contaminants. BORN Fruit & Veggie Wash can eliminate up to 100x more contaminants than washing with water alone, leaving fruits and vegetables clean, as nature intended.

copy of BORN Fruit and Veggie Wash 250ml

    • Apply 1 pump of Born In New Zealand Fruit & Veggie Wash to 1 litre of water
    • Wash fruits and vegetables in the water, leaving them to soak for 3-4 minutes
    • Drain and discard the water and rinse the fruits and vegetables, under running water ­– ready to serve


    Ingredients: aqua, organic pressed seed oils and blended organic surfactants

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