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* Best product on the market. Mold off courtains and blinds disappears in seconds!!!!!


"This product is AMAZING! I came across it in a local fruit and veg shop and as I had some very mouldy blinds I thought it was worth a try. WOW I couldn't believe how well it worked. Literally just sprayed it on and within a couple of minutes the mould vanished. No toxic fumes or scrubbing either. I don't usually bother with reviews but I was so impressed I want to let you know. I've been recommending it to all my family and friends."


More testimonials on our Facebook page: @Mouldfreehome (Born In New Zealand)




copy of 500ml- BORN Adv Curtain/Blinds/Netting Mould Removal (From $9.99-$54.99)

  • Curtain/Blinds mould removing is always a headache. With BORN advance mould removal spray, taking down blind, harsh chemical and time consuming process will be removed as well as the mould! Born advance mould removal removes stubborn mould & Germs. Fast result can be seen without much effort, simply spray and watch it disappear! Yet it is biodegradable.


    It works on Blinds, Nettings and Curtains.

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